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Swarovski Crystal Pixie - Classy Sassy



Be it for an everyday occasion or a special event – try out CRYSTALPIXIE which brings unmatched Swarovski brilliance to your hands. You will see: it is easy, fun and limitless. Caution: Highly addictive!

Application Guide

What is it?

  • 100 % Swarovski Crystal in smallest sizes (~1,5 mm)
  • Some of the crystal are cut, some are round
  • They come in 4 stunning colors and effects
  • Applied on the different nail polish colors they can unfold their full effect and beauty

What is so special about it?

  • Tells a nice and appealing fairy tale
  • Innovative product to the nail market
  • Allows in-salon professional application, as well as DIY application
  • Lots of room for interpretation, design creativity and individuality
  • Customization possibilities for POS Tool
  • Multiple Use: last for more than 25 nails