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Artisté Glow Gel Sets No.1 and No.2

Each set includes 6 Glow-In-the-Dark Gels

With our Artisté Glow Gels your nails will glow like never before! These Glow Gel polishes are uniquely developed to create an extreme glow when your nails are in the dark! You can apply these gels directly onto the surface of the Gel-X tip, and cure using an LED lamp. You can top off your intense neon glow nails with Aprés Shiny Top Gelcoat or Aprés Non-Wipe Matte Top Gelcoat!

To achieve the most glow out of our Glow Gels, we recommend exposing the nails to a UV light, LED light, blacklight, or even natural sunlight! Exposure to sources of light will activate the glow-in-the-dark pigments which allows you to reach the ultimate glow intensity of your Glow Gels. 


Set No. 1
#1. Glow Red
#2. Glow Pink
#3. Glow Coral
#4. Glow Orange
#5. Glow Marigold
#6. Glow White

Set No. 2
#7. Glow Neon
#8. Glow Green
#9. Glow Aqua
#10. Glow Cream
#11. Glow Periwinkle
#12. Glow Lavender